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Safe Recreation Tips

Safe Recreation Tips

Summer Recreation Alert
Oregon’s busiest season for tourism, recreation and visitation is here. Popular sites may be busy, full or difficult to access. Know before you go, have back up plans and come prepared. Contact land management agencies and recreation providers for more specific information.

Know Before You Go

Ready to hit Oregon’s beautiful outdoors and recreation areas? The 2020 Wildfires impacted many of our favorite places to visit and recovery will take a long time. Here are some tips to help you safely plan a fun trip for you and your family.

  1. Know where you want to go – and choose a few back up options! Parking lots fill up and it can be dangerous to park along roadways and undesignated areas. Avoid fines and tickets by getting there early or choosing your back up plan if the place is too full.
  2. Determine how you can get there. Roadway recovery work like hazard tree and debris removal may cause closures or unusual delays on your regular routes. Check before you head out!
  3. Prepare your supplies. Whether it is just a walk around a park, day hike or something more adventurous, make sure to have all your necessary supplies. Summer staples include water, snacks and sunscreen.
  4. Share your location. Make sure others know where you are going – especially if traveling alone – and stick to marked trails. Do not rely on cell service, keep a map handy.   
  5. Stay out of closed areas. Wildfire recovery activity is ongoing in many areas. These operations can be dangerous and require lots of heavy equipment. Be sure to steer clear of these areas to reduce risk for you and recovery crews. Other areas may be closed so ecosystems can recovery naturally. Do not disturb and take care of our natural places.
  6. To campfire or not to campfire? Know and follow fire restrictions in and around your destination. It could be illegal and dangerous to have even a small campfire this time of year. Prevent wildfires by always putting your fire out completely with water, not dirt or sand.
  7. Take photos. Leave footprints. Don’t take anything else you find, and only leave behind your footprints. Pack in what you pack out and have fun!

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