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Step 2 Cleanup

Step 2 Cleanup

What we did in Step 2 cleanup

In Step 2, cleanup crews hired by the state removed hazard trees, and ash and debris from burned properties. This cleanup was available to all property owners that signed up for Step 2. Homes, mobile home parks, businesses, second residences, and other properties were eligible. Properties that participated in Step 2 cleanup are now ready for rebuilding.

Step 2 began in December 2020 and progressed through multiple impacted areas simultaneously. We estimated it would take up to 18 months to complete all properties, depending on weather, property access limitations, and the large area that was covered.

For all intents and purposes, we are honored to report that the majority of all Task Force-led wildfire debris and hazard tree removal work is complete.

Burnt trees  

Hazard tree removal

Cleanup crews cut down or “felled” hazard trees first, after consultation with professional arborists.

Along public roadways, crews removed felled trees, slash, debris and log decks left behind by wildfire response efforts. Crews also felled trees that posed a safety threat to the roadway.

On private property, arborists identified and removed hazard trees that would endanger cleanup crews, or were a threat to nearby public areas, like roads or waterways.

Cleanup operations  

Ash and debris removal

Cleanup crews removed ash and debris after they cut down hazard trees in the area. “Debris” refers to a variety of objects and structure remains.

Crews will sorted debris types and disposed them in the appropriate facilities.

Crews also tested property soil for hazardous materials for all cleaned properties, free of charge.

After crews removed ash and debris, and the soil was deemed safe, property owners received a notice that their property is now ready for rebuilding and the Right of Entry is no longer in effect.

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